Bobber Project – 1984 Honda Shadow VT 700C

This 1984 Honda Shadow VT 700C is being rebuilt from the ground up, and then chopped back down again to create a bobber.

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The previous owner of this bike already made several modifications to the bike to create a more “classic cruiser” look, including adding a wide gas tank, attaching a windscreen, and installing custom fenders and footboards.

When we got our hands on the bike, it was time to simplify We’ve removed the rear fender, chopped off the fender frame supports, and attached a mini-fender built from a trailer fender. We also decided to drop a lot of “extra” parts, like turn signals.

Aside from the cosmetics,to get it running again, we rebuilt the clutch, rebuilt the clutch master and slave, rebuilt the carbs, replaced the ignition electronics, and rebuilt the brake calipers.

There’s still work to be done, but this bike is just a few hours from being road-ready again.

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